IBC frames

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IBC frames

The Kingtainer IBC production equipment for steel outer frame is considered the best and most cost-effective internationally since it is produced based on German design standards. The galvanized outer frames are with high strength and best protection capability, which are professional solutions available for both dangerous and non-dangerous liquids.
Mechanically, the rigidity and intensity of a circular pipe are greater than that of a square pipe and a circular rod made of the same material. So we adopt circular pipes in making the frame. Considering the density of the filling liquid and the cost, we have three different sizes of frames:

Characteristics of the outer frames of IBC:

Standard design, suitable for transport.
The frames can be stacked with other types of IBC.
The frames can be reused, which cuts down the cost.
Designed with assembled structures, easier for maintenance and repair.
Made of galvanization steel, highly stable and durable.