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Technical Patents

NoItemApplication DatePatent number
1The production method and equipment for bonding strength of reinforced double-layer IBC with view line2002.12.162155101.4
2IBC with view line2002.11.262279888.9
3One step shaping pallet of plastic container2002.12.42280254.1
4Pallet of large plastic container for liquid transportation2002.12.402280255.X
5Pallet structure of plastic container2002.12.4280256.8
6Accumulated head with double-layer view line2002.12.162288311.8
7Pallet for IBC2002.12.252283612.8
8Pallet for IBC2003.4.103230197.9
9Accumulator head with double-layer view line2003.7.33255288.2
10External accumulator head with double-layer view line2003.7.33255287.4
11Protective grid for a plastic container2002.12.92288146.8
12Built-in multilayer accumulator head2003.7.33255286.6
13External multilayer accumulator head2003.7.153255617.9
14Built-in and external compound multilayer accumulator head2003.7.153255619.7

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